About Us

Iseowo Health Connects People With Healthcare Facilities Around Them

Patients and Relatives

Iseowo Health provides medical information to patients and relatives towards accessing healthcare.

Facility Owners

Iseowo Health showcases details of healthcare facilities, their service offerings and how to contact them.

Health Professionals

Iseowo Health assist professionals in helping patients find healthcare facilities including laboratories, pharmacies, etc

Iseowo Health

Health is an online directory of healthcare facilities - hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, etc . It is designed to provide all necessary information as regards assessing healthcare in Nigeria as easy and fast as possible. It catalogues all form of healthcare facilities in Nigeria and indexes their products and services in an easy to understand manner.


Iseowo is an online local businesses directory in Nigeria that showcases local business products and services.
We have a catalogue of local businesses which includes artisan (art and entertainment, food, services and productions categories) and non-artisan businesses. Using this catalogue, virtually all forms of businesses out there have been captured and have a place on Iseowo.