Thank you for your interest in writing for the Iseowo Health blog. We are a health/medical brand focused on creating health-related contents. This focus informs the topics of our articles, the tone, professionalism and kind of blog contents we publish. You must present your thoughts in easy to understand words, phrases and grammar, not in medical jargon.


  1. Mission Statement
  2. Blog Objectives
  3. Audience
  4. Guidelines (Requirements, Word count, Submission)
  5. Article Checklist (Article Title, Banner and Featured Image, Content Formatting, Third Party Contents and Links, Call To Action, Author Details, References)
  6. Editorial Process

Mission Statement

A health blog that provides patients with current and relevant health information needed to adequately access healthcare and manage their disease conditions.

Our goal is to empower our users with the right information towards accessing the healthcare they need. The posts are supplementary to hospital visit and doctors’ consultation, they are not meant to replace that. You can go through our content disclaimer for more details.

Blog Objectives

  1. Actionable advice and instructions to readers.
  2. Increase use of the Iseowo Health directory.
  3. Increase number of subscribers to our email/newsletter list.
  4. Increase our social media followers.


Our posts are helpful, instructional, professional and conversational, they are not meant to be corporate or self-promotional. Our audience are patients and patient relatives in search of medical articles about their conditions and the management; healthcare professionals in search of medical facilities including diagnostic and laboratory centers to refer their patients to for investigations and also; the general public, seeking healthy living instructions.



The author MUST have a healthcare related degree certification, or be in the process of having one.


Word count

Minimum of 1000 words. There is no maximum number of words however, most of our blog posts range from 1000 to 3000 words.



Microsoft word document format, “ISEOWO HEALTH ARTICLE SUBMISSION” as the subject, containing

  1. Author name (First name first)
  2. Short bio and head shot (not more than 50 words)
  3. Author links (link to website and/or social profiles)
  4. Article text (title, introduction, categories, tags, content, references)
  5. Article images


Upload files

You could also email your articles to us at

Article checklist

1. Article Title

This is the single most important element for search engine optimization (SEO). Not only is it a powerful indication of relevance, but the title is the link to an article on search results pages. If it’s too long, it gets truncated. 55 characters is the limit. Be brief!


2. Banner and Featured Images

These are the background and default images for article titles and content. It must be at least 1600×1200 image size. You can include two images event though, one high quality, relevant and detailed image may suffice for the two functionality. Everyone loves beautiful articles, they are appealing! This image at the top of the article is most likely to appear in social streams when the article is shared.


3. Content Formatting

People tend not to read online; we tend to scan. To make your content scan-able, add subheadings into the article, breaking up the article into sections. These serve as mini-headlines for subsequent paragraphs, keeping visitors moving through your content. Do the following…

  1. Make use of Headings and subheadings
  2. Keep paragraphs short – no more than 4 lines maximum.
  3. Use Bullet Points and Lists When Possible
  4. Add block quotes
  5. Use bold texts and italics to add emphasis and make content more easily scanned.
  6. Personal tone – the audience are people, write as if you’re writing for one specific person.


4. Third Party Contents and Links.

Input from experts, and relevant third party, add credibility to articles making them worth reading. These articles are also more likely to be shared! While writing, you may reach out to an expert or two (probably someone you’re already building a relationship with) and ask them if they’d like to contribute a few sentences or a paragraph to your article. If they do, ensure to reference them in the article, and inform them when the article is published.

  1. You must provide links to included third party contents; every link must be of benefit to the reader.
  2. Links to direct competitors, self-promotion and affiliate links are forbidden.


5. Call to Action (CTA)

This would be a call to act on your message, the essence of the article. It can be simply an invitation to leave a comment. Ask a question that they can answer with a comment, ask for other ideas that would complement the article, etc


6. Author Details

  1. The bio should not exceed 50 words
  2. Include a head shot (500 × 500 image size)
  3. Link to your website, Twitter and LinkedIn.


7. References

Include references to third party texts, quotations and images.

Editorial process

Upon submission of your articles, we would process them using the steps outlined here. You are encouraged to go through the page to be kept abreast of possible events that may unfold after article submission.

If you have further questions, you can contact us.