Bethel Specialist Hospital was incorporated as a limited liability company in 1985. It was initially located at 47, Awolowo Avenue in Old Bodija Estate. It moved to its present permanent site at 30, Oyo Rd, Ajibade Bus Stop, Coca-Cola area in August 2013.

It is a multi-disciplinary Specialist Hospital , housed in a four- storey building,  with ultramodern equipment and other facilities.

Bethel Specialist Hospital is blessed with experienced Consultants / Specialists in all major areas of medicine. So far, we have had landmark successes in Surgeries (General & Orthopaedics), Internal Medicine and Obsterics &  Gynaecology. We have a passion for prevention,  and this has led us to develop a well established Medical Check- up unit. We believe prevention is cheaper– and much less stressful– than cure.

Bethel Specialist Hospital has always stood out by offering the best and nothing but  the best to all our clients. The testimonials from some of our patients and doctors speak for us.

Additional Facility Details

  • Private
  • Secondary
  • One of our great strengths is our effective Full Medial Screening and Evaluation. We ensure diseases are caught early enough not only through laboratory tests but also through patients' history and physical examinations.
  • No
  • Yes
  • Bank Transfer, Cash, POS
  • No


Q Do you have Electronic Patient Records?

Yes, we do. Our Electronic Medical Record System facilitates our response when you contact us either physically or via electronic means.