J Rapha is a hospital where we care with LOVE, FAITH and HOPE.

Personalized patient care is a unique quality that distinguishes J-Rapha Hospital & Maternity from others. When you visit us, you can expect to receive care with love, faith and hope. Expert physicians and caring staffs will ensure you enjoy a delightful and exceptional clinical experience.


  • To control hospital infections, post-operative and post-delivery sepsis to less than 1%
  • To achieve a near zero level of preventable mortality
  • To achieve and maintain a zero-level of maternal mortality
  • To achieve and maintain less than 1% level of perinatal/ neonatal mortality
  • To prevent kernicterus absolutely amongst all newborns delivered at our facility.


  • To be the largest and best center for excellent medical care and training of health professionals.
  • To Establish A Centre Of Excellence For Training Of Nurses and Midwives, And Family Physicians, for Research And Community Outreach Programs
  • To become a College of Medicine where medical students and all hospital workers are trained.
  • To become the largest multi-ownership health organization in Nigeria and Africa offering services and training in all specialties.


To provide friendly and top quality medical care, second to none and prevent all unnecessary deaths and morbidity in Nigeria and Africa through excellent and international standard clinical and preventive medical services.


  • To change the face of medical and healthcare practice in Nigeria, restoring the past attitude of excellence, friendliness and promptness; and achieving the best international standard possible.
  • To return team spirit to the health team in Nigeria where clients are cared for without any discrimination, irrespective of class, color, tribe or religion
  • To run a profitable organization for all stakeholders, every staff being an important stakeholder along with management.

Additional Facility Details

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